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  Bringing new customers to your door and
new revenue to your treasury.

We're in the "customer-getting, serving and keeping" business, working with small-to-midsize company executives looking for smarter strategies to penetrate the fortress walls of corporate America.

Executives who recognize that the quest for new customers requires verve, tenacity, innovation and imagination; who value the brains, skill and ingenuity of experienced talent with a unique philosophy on "customer-getting" business development; and who demand honest, objective, straight talk with no gobbledygook, trite and packaged answers.

We're a genetically curious, intellectually restless consortium of less-inhibited, forty, fifty and sixty something discovers, thinkers, creators, doers who get the big picture fast. Please continue.


Greybeards get the big picture faster, with greater clarity and focus.

These extraordinary luminaries have demonstrated with the brilliance of their achievements what scientific studies (as reported by those heady folks at Neuron magazine) are now proving empirically: "Older people get the big picture faster and they are less inhibited."

Isn't it interesting that at mid-life three factors combust at just the right moment to unleash the perfect storm of insight, wisdom and creativity? Please continue.


Let's talk.

Do you have a thorny customer-getting problem gnawing at you? Do you want to hear some interesting and contrarian views on contemporary marketing, sales and communication dogma? Do you want to kick around some ideas? Are you simply curious?

If so, and if this conversation goes like others we've had, there's a good chance you'll walk away with a few ideas and with good fortune maybe some business for us. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes on both sides.

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